Starting a business is a very exciting time. You can finally work for yourself, dramatically increase your earning potential and gain a consistent stream of quality clients. However, when you realise exactly what it will take to achieve your dream, another realisation hits: you can’t do it alone.

To achieve your business goals, you’ll need to bring other people on board who share your vision. Along with an expert team, there are several ingredients business leaders need to ensure their success.

 Motivation – When you hear the word “motivation” you can be forgiven for thinking it’s merely a clichéd buzzword. However, the importance of motivation in business can’t be overstated. Motivation is the psychological catalyst employees need to reach their goals. It impacts mental and physical reactions. Highly motivated employees have the drive to get the job done efficiently and effectively. This translates to higher productivity, increased revenue, significant savings and more satisfied customers.

Encouragement – Are you feeling discouraged and disappointed? Are you questioning why you ever started a business? Take heart – these feelings are common to all business owners. Succeeding in business is all about overcoming the challenges you face. In difficult times, the right encouraging words can give you the strength to persevere no matter how uncertain the circumstances seem.

Mentor – For a new business owner, a great source of encouragement is engaging with a mentor who has succeeded in your chosen field. Being mentored is a very rewarding experience, for you and the mentor. Hearing how obstacles were overcome and learning tricks of the trade can help you avoid certain pitfalls and know precisely what to do when challenges surface.

A relationship with a mentor has many great benefits, including: getting an inside view of the industry, receiving valuable input from someone who has been in your position, productive brainstorming sessions and having someone to confide in when things get tough.

Find the Right Platform – Whether online (i.e. via Twitter or Facebook) or offline (i.e. meeting with a group once a week), it’s essential to connect with fellow business owners. As you know, business is built on connections. Making regular contact with like minded business owners will help you to:

  • Generate more referrals
  • Increase opportunities (including client leads, joint ventures, partnerships and speaking and writing opportunities)
  • Raise your profile (by attending business functions and social events, you can build your reputation as a knowledgeable, reliable business owner), and;
  • Increase confidence (the more you push yourself to talk to people you don’t know, the more your confidence will increase. This is essential for business owners, as growth depends on making connections).

 The most important reason why you can’t do business alone though? It’s no fun when you’re doing everything on your own! Get out there and get involved.