Six reasons why a coach will help you achieve business successThe difference between Sharon Jurd Events and a traditional consulting firm is the degree of specialised mentoring.

#1 Coach VS traditional consulting firm

Traditional consulting firms operate by a generic coaching system, designed to suit anyone and everyone’s business. My coaching, on the other hand, takes the time to assess your business needs and develop a customised coaching plan derived from years of coaching experience and proven success.

Sharon Jurd Events is designed to give you both short and long-term assistance training through a specialised mentoring approach.

Yes, every business owner has similar goals and aspirations: financial success, impressive sales, effective business management and an overall sense of achievement.

But I understand that what may work for one business may not work for another, which is why my coaching isn’t just means to an end, it’s figuring out what will work for you and your business, developing a short and long-term assistance program and coaching you to success.

#2 A coach will define your goals, and make them a reality

Defining your goals is imperative to achieving success. If your goals lack planning or direction, chances are you and your team are having trouble following or reaching them. I will help you define your goals, and in result, make them a reality. Through coaching calls and meetings, goal setting sessions and creative workshops, I can help you piece together realistic goals, achievable in a realistic time frame.

Through creating new sales strategies, business systems and hosting team development workshops, I will assist you to achieve profitable results, helping you along the road towards success.

#3 Learn, readjust, perform, repeat

Identifying what hasn’t been working for you, or has hindered your chances of success is a key step in developing a business system that works for you. I can teach you valuable skills, from time management to effective marketing, all of which are covered in my coaching. Learning these skills and realising their positive impact on business will lead you to readjust the way you operate on a daily basis. It may be a day, a week or a month before you see the results you desire, but performing these new skills will no doubt put you on the road to success.

The art of coaching is enabling the client to perform these skills long after coaching has finished.  By using these skills you’ll improve all aspects of business, and month by month you’ll not only see your goals become results, you’ll gain the confidence, knowledge and leadership skills to make it happen again and again.

#4 Save and multiply your incomeSix reasons why a coach will help you achieve business success thumbnail

Every business has room for improvement. Finding what areas of your business aren’t producing the results you desire, and improving them, can save you money and multiply it in the future.

Some costly scenarios you may have encountered:

–          Wages: your team performing at a low level, which means more hours and less productivity

–          Marketing: ineffective marketing campaigns, which means money spent with no results

If you’re not getting the most from your team, or you feel at a loss with marketing, I can help you improve these areas to achieve your desired results.

I can help you save money by finding the areas that aren’t working for you. By using simple testing and measuring systems you’ll be able to discover what works.

Using a business growth formula designed for your business will provide the basis for new found success and financial return.

#5 Your coach will train you and your team

Depending on the size of your company, whether it be an office of five or a group of 50, your team is as important as you when it comes to running your business.

I will introduce you and your team to motivational literary, video and conferences, all of which will be specific to your businesses’ needs.

Getting everyone enthusiastic about performing at their best is an important role of what I do. So, where required I will work with your team to positively impact you finances, business, career, family and lifestyle.

#6 Endless opportunities

Apart from teaching you the ins and outs of how to run a successful business, there are a number of other aspects of my coaching that I can offer you. I can help you with relationship building, maintaining current clients, self promotion, database management and giving you the necessary steps to finding freedom and success.