Success is something all business owners strive to achieve in the quickest time possible. The moment you start your business you’ve already created a vision for yourself, a vision that we all share and that is none other than success in the business. But no matter how successful you are or how far you’ve gone there will always be tough times. Some are manageable while others make you want to give up.

The problem with most business owners is they tend to give up three quarters of the way whenever the going gets tough. Now the thing is, if you keep on giving up on your dreams just because you feel like it’s a hopeless case without doing any effort, I tell you this, you will never be able to enjoy a lifetime of success. Success is something you work at. No wait, let me correct that, success is something you need to constantly work at. It’s not a one-time thing; it’s a continuous effort.

Even I am not exempt from this. There were moments in my life when I wanted to give up. But instead of throwing it all out the window, I persevered. I wanted to see how my business would turn out if I did this and that. I wanted to see it grow, expand and flourish and because of this desire I can truly say that I’ve managed to not give up even when at times I felt like it.

When you feel like giving up I suggest you ponder on these:

  • Go back to why you’re doing what you’re doing.

It all starts with why. The most common mistake business owners make is they start off with a strong and solid vision. However, sometimes they veer away from that vision, they tend to forget why they started the business in the first place. As a consequence, they start to doubt and question their actions and their decisions. As much as possible, revisit the reason why you’re doing what you’re doing to help keep you on track.

  • You have to adapt to being uncomfortable.

You have to know that in business, it’s not always smooth sailing. So expect that there will be certain obstacles and circumstances that would make you feel uncomfortable. All of these are part of the journey. Whenever you feel like you’re stuck go back to your goals, don’t forget to breath and find new ways how you can overcome those hurdles. These challenges will prepare you for your success.

  • Be persistent.

Persistence keeps you going and persistence can deliver you the results you want as long as you keep on moving forward rather than backward.

Every time you feel like you’re about to give up try to ask yourself if you have done enough or if you have done everything you can with your situation. If you haven’t then there is no reason for you to give up.