Are you being everything to everyone? Who does that? Clients are saying, “I’d love to learn this.” “I’d love to learn that.” “Can you teach me this?”

You may be building content and events to cover off and helping your coaches in your program to do loads of stuff, but what it did is just overwhelmed you, and got you unfocused to achieving your goals.

Here are the three points in working out what you need to be doing instead of being everything but being someone to people.

#1 Who Do You Really Want to Help?

Who are the people that you are passionate about in helping change their lives? Get really clear on who you want to help, and who you are passionate about.

#2 Design Your Package

A lot of people who come to your coaching program may be a Hypnotherapist or massage therapists or have some other modality. That’s not your package. Make sure that you have a package, not just a process or a thing.

#3 Create a client ladder

Your clients may come in at a very low level spend, a free or a $97 spend and then they will work their way up as they begin to trust you, know you like you see the value you’re giving, and they will come into your larger programs.

You don’t go from meeting someone cold to selling them into your upper-end program necessarily. Most of your clients will want to go along the ladder and work their way up with you and grow themselves along with your programs and up your ladder.

If you want to know more about designing your package or designing your client ladder, come along to my Grow Your Coaching Biz Workshop, where I will share the exact strategies I use, and the strategies that my SMJ Master Coaches use who are earning six figures and above.