A lot of coaches are creating more content and nothing’s happening with it. They get into this stuck mode or procrastination because they feel like they need to create more content without really having a purpose for doing it. Stop creating more content firstly before you do.

  1. Allow people time to absorb it.

Sometimes, it takes three, four, five, nine times for the prospective clients to see it before they will take action. Make sure that you’re giving people time to get your message.

  1. Give it to more people.

Many coaches are creating content, but they’re only sharing out with half a dozen people. Make sure that in different locations like in different speaking engagements or workshops, you can deliver the same content because you’ve got a different audience.

  1. Re-purpose your content.

Do a video, make it a blog, do a transcription, and email out all of these areas where you can re-purpose your content. Make sure that you’re covering off on these areas.

Some people will watch your video and some people will read your blog, and you want to make sure you’re getting in front of those people.

If you want to find out more about how you create a content and how you can utilize that in a very productive way, come along to my Grow Your Coaching Biz Workshop and I will share all of the strategies in growing your business around content. I’d love to see you there.