If you’re wanting more money, more clients, or you’re wanting to lose weight, be healthier, whatever it is for you, people are doing a couple of things that are stopping you receiving what you want. Here are a couple of points, so you can stop doing this, and do something different.

1. Stop Focusing on What You Do Not Want


A lot of times, we want something, but we’re so focused on what we don’t want, that’s what we’re attracting more of. If you’re opening up your bank account going, “I don’t want to see the little dash in front or the red color” whatever it is shown on your online banking. If you’re going in there focusing on a negative low balance in your account, then that’s what you’re going to get every time.


If you’re focused on the fact that you don’t want to be overweight, or fat, or unhealthy, then you will attract more of that, instead of focusing on your health and well-being, your body size, or shape, or however you want to feel within yourself, then you will attract to that.


Stop focusing on what you do not want. Really check in with yourself because you go, “I’m thinking about being skinny all the time.” But you’re running away from the fear of fat, and so instead talk to yourself, and think about the positives of your now compelling future.


2. Focus On What You Do Want


See it coming into your reality about how you will feel, feeling healthy. How will you feel when those clients are coming to you. How will you feel when there’s money in the bank, and really focus on what you would be doing in the now when that arrives for you, instead of running from the fear of no money.


“I can’t pay the bills.”

“I’ve got too many expenses.” 

“I’m unwell.”

“I’m unhealthy.” 

“I’m sick.”


All of that negativity brings more negativity. You can sit and focus all day long, but if you’re not taking Action, then you will not have that forward momentum.


3. Take Action


You take Action by maybe hiring a personal trainer or setting a program up for yourself while you’re at home, or you may find another way of building relationships with people to attract clients to you – whatever it takes that you can do with the resources you have, then do it!


The action is then your measurable steps of moving forward.


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