Social media platforms are excellent mediums where you can build and promote your brand. It’s also the perfect avenue to attract customers. This is the reason why business owners spend a lot of time on social media to ensure they are marketing to the right people at the right time.

One thing I notice about social media users is they are so focused on their followers on Instagram and Twitter and the ‘likes’ they get on their Facebook pages and as a result, they become so engrossed with numbers that they forget what they are supposed to be doing on those social media platforms. Today, I want to share three things with you and I want to remind you that, as a business owner, focusing on your followers should be the least of your priorities.

Firstly, shift your focus to giving great content. Nothing hooks visitors more than reading amazing and insightful content. It doesn’t matter what type of product or service you are selling, there is always tons of information online which you can use to design a great video, article, blog post, meme or infographic that will keep your visitors excited for more. My advice? Share, share, share! I share a Biz Blitz video every week with a topic that I know my audience can relate to and a topic that can help improve their lives.

Secondly, be engaging. Don’t be just a Facebook Page or an Instagram account, be a real person behind your social media profiles, a person that your audience can have real conversations with. If you were in a room full of people, you would use engaging dialogues, so do that in your Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages. Talk to people and make them see that behind those profiles is a real person they can talk to and engage with.

Thirdly, don’t give up. In business, the secret to success is consistency and persistence and this too applies if you are using social media platforms to market your brand. Here’s a scenario, a business owner who isn’t consistent and persistent will create an Instagram account. He’ll start posting pictures for a whole week but if he sees that his profile is not getting as many little love heart likes as he wished, he’ll stop posting pictures and then go off to another platform that he thinks might be better. Obviously, this will not get him anywhere. In social media, to be able to build credibility and loyal followers, you need to be consistent and persistent about it.

These are the three important points I want to emphasise about social media.

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