Have you ever wondered what it’s like to earn the income you’ve always dreamed of? To be able to travel freely, give back to the community, and to truly afford the lifestyle you want? But let me tell you a secret, you can’t live up to your full potential if you’re still charging your services by the hour. There are only a handful of industries that can afford to pay you at an hourly rate that’s generous enough to let you live the lifestyle you want.

Here are three steps to help you to get out of that zone and to truly earn the income you deserve.

  1. Stop it straight away.

I am certain that you’ve spent years developing the skill set that you have today. You dedicated time, money, and effort in going to seminars, reading books, listening to webinars, and/or getting coaching. Your clients have to pay for the skills you developed simply because it is an expertise they don’t have. With that said, you don’t need to charge them at an hourly rate. You charge them appropriately for the time and effort you put in.

  1. Charge for the outcome, not your time.

Instead, do the task and charge your customers for the outcome. Let’s say you’re a therapist who dedicates time and services to help people get out of their bad habits. If a person comes to you for help and is adamant about quitting smoking, they have probably given much thought about their health, their future, medical bills, and maybe even mortality. You need to realise how valuable this is to them. It’s not worth an hourly rate! It doesn’t matter how many hours you spend with them, one, two, or maybe 20, they will pay for the outcome. Therefore, you want to make sure you are charging them for that outcome and not your time.

  1. Do not undersell yourself.

You may think that people wouldn’t pay that amount of money for your expertise but, really, all you have to do is put those beliefs aside. If people are really motivated to quit smoking and turn their life around, they will pay you accordingly. So, make sure you aren’t underselling yourself. Appropriately charge according to the value of the outcome and your expertise.

Look at it as a strategy to grow your business. You’ll be surprised how many businesses gained better clients and eliminated most of the D clients who are only causing them headaches, just because they increased their prices.

Always remember to never undersell yourself and charge for the outcome that’s fit for the services and expertise you are supplying.

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