Yes! It’s a bit controversial, but there are people who are setting goals and never achieving them. They just go on this merry-go-round of setting these goals that are just truly unachievable, and people say, “Set these really big goals and get there.” And then people get overwhelmed, and then nothing happens. You have felt like that? You may have. So, don’t set a goal as in the traditional way that people tell you to set a goal.

Set the Expectation Levels

Look in your businesses about how you are interacting with your clients, and then set the expectation levels. “What do my clients expect from me?” “What is the lowest level that they would expect when they come and engage me as their coach or come to my event?” If you’re going to a hairdresser, for instance, you expect the hairdresser to be on time. Yes, you know that they’re great at doing hair. You expect them to be on time. You expect to be offered the tea, coffee, water, or magazine. There’s an expectation.

Set Your Experience Level

How can you heighten the experience of your clients? Set levels that if they come into your business, this is the experience they’re going to receive. What’s the experience level now? The experience level would be, maybe offer them an iPad to get online while they’re getting their hair done. If it’s appropriate in the afternoon, it might be a glass of champagne or a glass of wine, or it might be nicer chocolates, not just a dried-up biscuit with your tea and coffee.

Set those experience levels, then you stay above those experience levels all of the time. Every time you interact with a client, then you are staying above. It’s easier to stay above an experience level than trying to shoot for the stars out there somewhere where you don’t know what’s going on.

Once you have that experience level in your business, all you have to do is maintain above that, and your clients will love you. The clients will refer to you, and you’ll have more clients than you ever thought possible.

Set the expectation level. Get to know what that is in your industry. Then set your experience level and stay above that, and you will notice the changes immediately in your clients and your business