People say all the time, “Take huge leaps forward to grow your business.” But people in business are overwhelmed. They have this giant leap that they want to take. It’s scary to take a big leap. Instead, take smaller steps so you can build on success.

Taking Giant Leaps Is Scary

If you’re expanding your comfort zone, doing something completely different, accept that you will feel some angst about that. It is a bit scary. Acknowledge it; accept it; turn it into excitement, and let’s chunk it down a little bit. 

Chunk It Down Into Bite-Size Pieces

Chunk it down into bite-size pieces that set you up for success. If you achieve 10 small steps, then you’ll have 10 successes rather than having one giant leap, not achieving it. You’ll feel like a failure, and you won’t do any more about that.  

Get the Clarity on Where You Need to Go

When you have these smaller steps or smaller leaps, you will have clarity about where you’re heading. When you’ve got this giant leap, you’ll say to yourself, “How am I going to get there?” “I don’t know what to do.” “I don’t have the skills, the resources.” You’ll say all this negative stuff to yourself. We can turn that around by going, “I need to do this small step,” and you will achieve it; you’ll feel successful; And then you’ll have clarity on the steps moving forward.

These will work better than setting a big giant leap that you’ll never do. You’ll talk about it for years to come and consider yourself a failure because you never got there. 

Let’s change it up and do things a little bit differently.