If you want to achieve success in your personal life and in your business you need to do some serious stretching. Now I’m not talking about the stretches you do before a workout and it definitely does not have anything to do with yoga. The stretching I want to emphasize here is the kind of stretching that makes your business profitable and your life more comfortable.

We all want comfortable lives and we all dream of successful businesses but catapulting towards success does not happen overnight. And even if you work hard, success does not happen to just everyone. You need to be wise and make sure that you incorporate the right strategies to both your personal life and in your business.  And that’s where stretching gets in the picture.

I was able to uncover the secret to my success when I started stretching myself. Now I’ve worked with a lot of people both online and offline and I learned that every single time I teach them about stretching they step up their game and experience direct results.

Stretching means going a bit further than you are comfortable. It’s about going outside your comfort zone and doing something even if the thought of it scares you. Now I want you to think about something that terrified you. Anything. It could be a business venture, or perhaps a first date or maybe a big presentation. Anything. What did you feel at that time? I’ll bet my bottom’s dollar it was a roller coaster of emotions, right? You probably felt fear and anxiety both at the same time. But believe it or not, it is during these times when you are given the opportunity to stretch yourself.

My advice to everyone is to conquer your fear and stretch yourself. Go the extra mile than you would normally go. When it’s about a new business, take a risk but make sure that you studied it well. If you are in love go ahead and tell that person you love them. If your business needs to adapt to new changes, go ahead and make that investment, spend the cash and see where that will lead you. Whatever decision you make there is always that opportunity for you to make a choice that will really scare the crap out of you. But remember that when you stretch yourself, your comfort zone stretches too. And what’s amazing about stretching is that it pulls you forward and not backward. And that’s the beauty of it all.