There is a quote, “He who controls your time controls your income.” Whether it be a he or she, let’s think about that for a minute. If someone else is controlling your time, then they’re controlling your income. There are three ways to take back your control of not only your time but also your income.

Three Ways to Take Back Your Control

  1. You Need an Ideal Week  

Set up an ideal week, so you have time set up for you to focus on important parts of your business, your life, your marketing, your research and development, your client attraction, whatever it is for you that’s important for you in your business right now.

  1. Stay Disciplined With That

If you say that you’re going to be checking your emails at nine o’clock, check your emails at nine o’clock! Don’t say, “I’ll leave it because I’m busy.” Make sure that you’re following that ideal week and staying disciplined within yourself.

  1. Hold Your Boundaries

You’ll have all of these other people who are living in chaos, trying to bring their chaos into your life. They’ll say, “I need to talk to you urgently,” and they would have left something at the last minute and wanting you to respond quickly because they’re in chaos. 

You hold your boundaries. How you can do that is by saying “Yes, I can get that completed for you at 10 a.m. tomorrow, and allocate it in your ideal week. Most of the time, they’ll say “Yes.” 

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