One of the secrets to a successful business is when you know what your customers hate about your industry. It is fundamental for every organisation or business to build customer relationships.

Why? When you’ve successfully established customer relationships it increases your customers’ loyalty and trust in your business and this in turn can lead to repeat business. Furthermore, your pool of loyal customers can also influence other customers in the marketplace through referrals and recommendations.

Most if not all successful and profitable businesses have embraced a customer-first approach in their company culture. But we all know this isn’t easy. As a businesswoman I’ve discovered ways on how to take the crap out of your business and really just really get to know your customers.

So here’s what you can do:

  • Research every possible fact about your ideal customers.
  • Know what makes them tick.
  • Know what annoys them.
  • Know what factors in your industry makes them not want to do business anymore.
  • Know what their pain points are.

And once you’ve done this find all possible means to remove all those from your business’ system. Every business aims to find solutions and improve the lives of customers. But to make your customer experience exceptional you need to make sure that you’ve removed all possible factors that would compel them not to do business with you, whether its your crappy customer service, your poor delivery system or your less than standard packaging, whatever it is find out what they hate about your industry. Go to the specifics and clear the way so your customers will have you on the top of their minds.

In HydroKleen Australia we’ve learned that our customers hate tradies who are late. They hate tradies who leave a mess. They hate tradies who show their bum cracks while they are bending over and cleaning the air-conditioning. Of course we wouldn’t know these unless we do our research and ask for feedback. Once we’ve learned what they hated we adjusted our system, did a few tweaks and added guarantees to make our customers feel secure. We made sure that all our tradies came in early if not on time. We made sure that they leave the place clean like they were never there and we make sure that none of our tradees show bum cracks while they do their jobs.

We have a very high rate of referral business and a very high rate of repeat business. So you see, it does pay when you get to know your customers. And not just knowing what they want and need but also getting to know what they hate about the industry. Learning about these things will give you an idea how to act and how to respond to their needs.