What is the one mistake speakers make when they’re sharing their content? A lot of speakers will talk about occurrences. Occurrence is a universal experience but what happens is speakers share an experience that’s not universal. People can’t relate to it. They share an experience that is not relatable to the majority of the room. Now if you’re a speaker, and you’re sharing an experience which we call an occurrence, then it must be universal.

It must be something that majority of the room understands. If you start talking about something that no one’s experienced before or cannot imagine experiencing that, then it’s very difficult for them to relate.

This is not about your story. This is about your content. You need to be sharing occurrences, what story, or activity relates to the content that you are sharing, and they can be just a minute long or two minutes long. They don’t need to be a full-blown story as in your personal story, but they’re little universal occurrences that keep the audience on track, so they understand the content you’re sharing.

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If you want to learn more about occurrences and where to put them into your content, and how to utilize them so your audiences say yes, because they’re related to you, they just sort of get what you’re sharing, I’d like to invite you to my Grow Your Speaking Biz Workshop.

This is my annual event. In this 3-day event, I’ll be sharing to you every aspect of building content, building your story, and covering off on these occurrences, and how you build them into your content, and also you sell without being salesy or pushy. Come along to my event and learn all about presenting to your audiences.

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