One may think that running a business is as simple as setting up an actual brick-and-mortar store and then coming and going day in and day out to make sure everything is okay, every customer is catered to and every problem that may come up within the day gets solved. But with the advancement of technology, running a business needs more than that. It needs marketing; it needs a steady, online presence. To put it simply, it needs a fantastic website.

Having a website keeps your customers informed as it serves as your online catalogue. So whenever there are changes or new product releases, it’s easier to edit them online rather than create hundreds of brochures and handing them out to people who probably don’t even read them at all. A website also widens your reach instead of just focusing in your neighborhood. There are hundreds of reasons why you should build a website but that’s not what I want to talk to you about. Given that you agree with me, I want to share with you three do’s and don’ts of building a website. Apparently, there are business owners who create websites, spend all of their money there but don’t get engagement and they don’t get sales. It’s probably because they are doing it wrong. Here’s what you need to do and not do when building a website.

  1. Allow Extra Time

Building a website takes some time so you need to allocate extra time for that. If your target is 1 month from now and you keep on making changes, you can’t expect your site to be up and running in 1 month time because if you make that expectation you’ll only get frustrated. So before you start, set a realistic time frame and give yourself plenty of time.

 Don’t Make It Difficult For Your Customers

Yes, you can be creative as long as you don’t make it difficult for your customers. And what I mean by that is don’t complicate your website, make sure that it’s user-friendly. Make sure that when a visitor goes to your site they will instantly find what they are looking for. Don’t make your website a maze, make it as easy and as simple as possible for your customers. In other words, keep it clean and crisp.

  1. Go Live!

My last but definitely not the least advice is go live. Don’t expect it to be perfect right away because if you do, again you’ll only get frustrated and you might never ever see your website up and running if you’re always waiting for it to be perfect. Make some changes as you go along but if it’s 70% done or 80% done and if it looks presentable and professional, don’t be afraid to go live. Your customers aren’t going to notice if your hair isn’t done right or if a photo needs to be moved a little bit to the right. That’s just your insecurity talking. So go ahead and go live and make the changes later.

There are a hundred reasons why your business needs a website. Once you’ve decided to build one always remember these three tips I just shared with you so you can reap the maximum benefits of having a website for your business.

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