Obstacles 2For most, BIG dreams mean BIG obstacles and resistance to success. The feeling of being inadequate at what you do and giving up are a common reaction to overcoming resistance in achieving your success. It’s not always butterflies and flowers in the garden, you’ll find that there are thorns and thistles on the ground and not to mention insects too! So you see, there will always be resistance in all aspects of life, you just have to know how to overcome them. Here are 3 key points how:

Don’t Stress – Things Don’t Always Work Out As Planned

This is so true! As much as you try to create an elaborate plan of action, things just don’t work out as planned. Big dreams mean big resistance as mentioned earlier, it will mean putting in all your heart and mind to a project or event, even if it does not guarantee success. But remember to just go on and pursue your dream, take one step a time and tread slowly but surely.

girl power...it was rolling down the hill, she stopped it, I grabbed the camera, what can I say?

Don’t Give Up – Hard Days Are Normal

If you feel that things are just a little tough, you are not alone! People have different battles, choose your battle wisely. Sometimes you’ll have days when you want to stop and just don’t do anything, this is the time that you have to just let go. Hard days happen, and if it does – don’t fret.

This experience will either make or break you, if it’s taking a toll on yourself, stop and take some time off. Think of the things why you are pursuing your dream in the first place, take time to go back to your core, know what is more important and go back to that reason so you can keep that fire burning!

Critics – Face Them! Criticism 2

Critics are part of your journey, whether in business or personal endeavours. But what will separate you from average people is facing your critics head on. Criticism doesn’t discount you being awesome, it is not the “be all and end all” of your existence. Critics are there to remind you that what you are doing is great! Whatever it is they say, you just have to “Shake it Off!” 😀

If at one time you have to deal with these resistance, just keep going. Don’t stop, it means that you are doing great. In your journey of pursuing that lifelong dream, remember that there are good times and bad. Everyone who is pursuing their dreams has gone through the same resistance listed above, whether you are facing critics or things don’t work out as planned or having a bad day, know that it will pass and it will just make you stronger.