In this blog, I want to share with you about the three most important parts of a presentation. When you come to my Grow Your Speaking Biz, I share these three components, and I really wanted to share these three with you today. When I say a presentation, I mean, a presentation from stage with large audiences, a video like I’m doing now, or a Zoom, webinar or the like.

In your presentation, there should be three components. The first is your story, and you really need to share the six S’s or steps of your story because people will come along on your journey. They want to know why, why are you doing what you’re doing? They don’t necessarily need straight up the ‘what.’ What they need to ask is, “Why should I be listening to you? Why should I be taking time out of my life to watch your video?”The story covers off on why they should be listening to you.

The second most important part of a presentation is the content. And you should deliver your content in a three or a five-step package. We package that up into an easy, relatable design for your audiences, so they understand the three steps or the five steps to achieving a particular outcome in your program. The content must be, as I said, relatable to your audience because we really need to simplify this because you’ve got a very limited time and you want to share amazing content with them that they understand, that they can take away and utilise, and that they can implement immediately.

The third most important part of your presentation is your sell. A lot of people go, “I don’t want to sell, I can’t sell. I’m not good at it.” I get a lot of pushback. But what I share with my attendees at the Grow Your Speaking Biz Event is your sell starts right from the beginning. I share the eight steps to a sell to very small audiences, and it’s a really easy flow.

You’re not doing a hard sell. You’re not putting pressure on people, you don’t sound salesy, and I show you how this flow is amazingly simple. I demonstrate it live, and people say to me, “You just sold to me and I didn’t realize.” When they do the process, they go, “Oh my God, I just sold to somebody, and I didn’t feel like I sold anything.”

These are the three most important components of a presentation that you must cover off when you’re presenting, whether it’s 90 minutes or 10 minutes; it’s start with your story, then do your content and then do your sell. If you come along to my Grow Your Speaking Biz, we’re going to spend loads of time in each of these components to delve into how you strategically flow through these three components doing a complete presentation where one, you don’t need notes, two, you don’t need a PowerPoint, and thirdly, you don’t feel like you’re selling to anybody.

At the end of the three days at my Grow Your Speaking Biz Event, you’ll have all of this designed, built, and presented confidently with achieving the exact outcomes you want from your presentation. Not a template to go home and build, it’s all done over these three days, and you don’t have to go away and do anything. All you have to do is go away the next day and present your presentation, whether it be in a virtual environment or live, it’s adaptable to any situation. I share with you how you do that, and you will be an amazingly confident, solid speaker when you deliver your presentation.