A lot of speakers do a great presentation, but they don’t end it in a way that is really impactful to their audience. You want to make a really great impact. You want to leave them with some thought process.

How You Can End Your Presentation?

The one way that you can end your presentation is to leave them with a takeaway. A takeaway is a sentence that is 15 words or less. Now it can be a statement or a question.

An example of this is you may ask them a question like, “Is it your time?” “What are you going to do that’s different from yesterday?” “What have you always done that’s not serving you well?” “Are you going to continue to do what you’ve always done?”

They’re great questions that you can leave your audience with and it gets them to ponder and think about, “Yes, I’m going to change. I’m not going to do what I’ve always done. Things need to be different.” “It is my time, I’ve looked after everybody else and now it’s my time to look after myself.”

Think about a really great question or statement that you can leave your audiences with where they go, “Yes, I’m going to take action.” That takeaway then resonates with them. If they go to the back of the room or you’re asking them to click on the link. They will say yes to that. The one thing that you can utilize to end your presentations is a takeaway.

Take A Massive Action

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