What is the first thing you should do when starting a coaching business? Here are the three things that you must do before you start a coaching business.

Change Your Thinking

Change the thoughts about who you are, what you are, why you’re that because you may have put yourself into a box of “I’m a failure” and now you’re a success. “I’m just a worker, now I’m a business owner and an entrepreneur.” Firstly, you need to change your internal dialogue to yourself that you’re an amazing coach. Get that right first.

Go and Tell People

Go and tell people that now you’re doing this, you’re helping others, you’re changing people’s lives. This is why you’re doing it and really let people know that you’re now this person. You have changed, you’ve evolved, you’re making different decisions now, you’re helping people in a different way and really make a lot of noise about that. Let people know what you’re doing now. 

Get A Great Coach

You can’t do business alone. You need support around you and if you’re a coach, then you need to be walking the talk, you need to be, when you’re saying to people they need a coach, it’s imperative in their business and life to have one, so be it for you and get a coach immediately.

Use whatever funds you have to engage a coach, the best one that you can afford so you know that your business will build quickly, you’ll have massive momentum forward and you won’t make the mistakes that other people in the coaching industry have and become a failure.

The three things that you must do before you start a coaching business is:

One, CHANGE YOUR THINKING. Go and change your profiles, write yourself a new name badge, whatever you need to do to change your thinking in who you are now.

Secondly, GO AND TELL EVERYBODY. Tell everybody who you are now and why you’re doing this.

Thirdly, GET A COACH. Get strategic about where you’re heading, where you’re going to find your clients and how you’re going to get your message out to everyone that now, you are starting a coaching business.

Take Action Now!

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