Entrepreneurs face a lot of stress ever day managing their business and looking for ways to improve their lives and business and make more money. The challenge of setting sales targets, the battle to make that target and believing that you will get it, will take its toll on you when you don’t have a positive and happy attitude.

The Happiness ProjectThe brain, it turns out, works significantly better when you’re feeling positive, so developing a sunny viewpoint allows you to be smarter and more creative. Shawn Achor, author of The Happiness Advantage said that happiness drives us to more success and not the other way around. In one of his interviews, he said that business owners need to:

Reverse the happiness and success formula. We think if we work harder and achieve some entrepreneurial goal, then we’ll be happier. But the research is clear that every time you have a success, your brain changes what success means. So for you and for your team, if happiness is on the opposite side of success, you’ll never get there. But if you increase your levels of happiness in the midst of a challenge—in the midst of searching for investment, in the midst of a down economy—what we find is that all of your success rates rise dramatically – every business outcomes improves.

Now, some are adamant or even set to argue that their state of happiness really depends on the outcome of one’s hard work and comes a long way from their childhood and genes. I’d say, what has genes and childhood got to do with your own state of happiness? You can change your perspective on how you see life and success. Achor added that the average person doesn’t fight their genes, so if you’re born with genes for obesity or for pessimism, and you don’t change your behavior then your genes win. Happiness comes easier to some people, but happiness is a possibility for all if we change our behavior or our mindset.

Changing your mindset is the key, just like all other undertakings, it all starts with the mind. “Your body can achieve what your mind can conceive”, so goes the famous adage.  The decision to be happy is your choice, it does not require anything but the determination to find in yourself being happy with what you have and you will have remains a challenge.

Try this experiment, write down each day for 21 days the three (3) things you are grateful for and you will find your level of optimism and productivity increase. It takes 21 days to form a habit and if you can hold it for 21 days, then you can hold it for the next 6 months. It’s really a happiness project that you have to set your eyes and heart on. All the rest will follow.

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