It’s a dog eat dog in the business arena. No matter what industry you come from, there is always competition and you can never get away from it. Setting your brand apart is a challenge that not many are successful at achieving. Indeed there are a lot of useful information you could look up that would likely help promote your brand but my question is, is it sustainable? One hundred clients today will not guarantee another hundred the next day or the next week. If you want to get consistent results and scale all the way up to your success ladder then you need to invest in a reputable coach.


Coaching can get you to places you never could if you were operating alone. You can test this yourself but sooner or later you’ll realise that I’m right all along. Trust me, I’ve done a lot of things that taught me what works and what doesn’t and coaching is something that I swear upon. How important is coaching and mentoring?


Firstly, it helps you to think outside the box. It’s easy to get lost in a system that you are used to. When you become comfortable with what you are doing, with the processes you follow, you tend to close your mind to new possibilities and when this happens it could result in losing potential opportunities for growth. Having a coach to guide and to mentor you will challenge your creativity and will push you to think outside the box by asking you questions that will help you re-evaluate your business. In other words, a coach will give you a new perspective about your business encouraging you to think critically.


Secondly, a coach will give you objective opinions. Asking opinions from people whom you work directly with may not be as helpful because many of them are reluctant to express disagreement in order to avoid conflict. A coach, on the other hand, is paid to challenge you in ways that are aimed to your advantage. They will give you objective advice that will help you reach your goals regardless of how you feel about it.


Getting coached will not only boost your business, it will also boost your self-confidence. And the more confident you are the more willing you’ll become to take risks and accept new challenges.


If you are interested in becoming an amazing coach, I am inviting you to my three-day workshop called Grow Your Coaching Biz on May 10 to 12, 2019 on the Gold Coast. In this fun-filled and action-packed workshop, I will share with you my strategies and processes to attract high paying coaching engagements and to become the coach you have always wanted to be.