A lot of coaches think they have to get more clients. But successful coaches say, “Go out and get high paying clients.” There is this one guaranteed way to get coaching clients to pay you more money.

If you haven’t heard about the SMJ Coaching Institute’s Discovery Session, it’s a great process to absolutely guarantee that the clients are going to say “YES” to the amount of money you’re asking for your coaching package. The basis of the Discovery Session is you ask great questions.

A lot of people who are coaches get in front of a potential coaching client and they talk about themselves, tell the client what they need, and that’s not a great process. The next thing that I find is that coaches don’t ask for the business. Asking the client to move forward.

They share all their information with the potential coaching clients. They tell them how they can help them and what they can do. They talk about the “What, what, what,” but they actually never ask for the business.

How would you like to move forward? Would you like to get started? Let’s book the first session in? How do you feel about that?

There are a number of questions that we can ask to get the client to say yes. The client is wanting you to ask them that question. They are wanting you to open up the dialogue about them saying yes and working with you further.

In my Discovery Session, I have formulated the best questions to ask when you’re standing in front of that potential coaching client.

The number one way to get high paying coaching clients is to follow the process that I share at my Grow Your Coaching Biz Workshop.

You can find all the information here: https://coaching.smjcoachinginstitute.com/

I only run this workshop once or twice a year. So, look out for the next dates. Book in early. It’s a very limited numbers because it is a hands-on workshop. I only take the appropriate number of people that I can look after well during this event.