There may be so many things that are stopping your success, but let’s talk about the one thing. The one thing that I see with coaches and people in business is their own belief. Their own belief is holding them back. They have every opportunity to be successful, but their own belief is stopping them.


If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else is going to believe in you. Believe deep down that you have everything inside of you to be successful. You already have it inside of you, but a lot of people go out looking for that external thing that’s going to make them a success. You have it within already.


If you’re packaging up a coaching package or offering a tangible product, do you absolutely 110% or even more believe that it will help people? If you don’t have that absolute belief, then find another product or service.

Package up your coaching. Package up differently, add more value, do what you need to do to change it up. Get some help with that. Believe wholeheartedly that your product or service is going to change people’s lives.


Do you believe that they have everything inside them to make them successful? Because as coaches particularly, we don’t coach our clients to be reliant on us. We coach them to be resourceful. You have to believe that your clients will go and do and believe that they can go out and be successful as well.

If you’ve got a client right now who you think won’t make it; hasn’t got it within them; won’t do what they need to do, then that’s when you refer them out. You must believe in your clients.

Do you believe in yourself? Do you believe in your service and product? Do you believe in your clients? If you’re not sure, then come along to my Modern Hypnosis Workshop where I spend three days with you, checking in on these beliefs and in on your values. We can adjust them so you can be successful. We need to change that up at an unconscious level.

By the end of my 3-day Modern Hypnosis Workshop, you’ll be a qualified Hypnotherapist so it’s another tool in your tool belt where you can help yourself, you can help your clients move forward, and have great success as well.

I only hold this event once a year, so look out for the date and make sure you book in really early because I take limited numbers. As you can imagine, I’m teaching very intimate processes here and I can only take a limited number at this event.