In business, what you need to understand is that there are many high-paying clients waiting for you. I’ve heard a lot of business owners say that people don’t pay, that you can’t charge that amount of money. There are plenty of people out there that will pay good money for your service.

Here are a couple of tips for you that I want to share with you so you can get more high-paying clients.


The first thing that I say to my coaching clients when they come one-on-one to me or they attend one of my events is to increase your prices.

If you’re standing in front of someone saying I can change your life forever and you’re charging two hundred dollars, it’s not believable.

However, if you say to somebody that I can change your life forever and it’s going to cost you twenty thousand dollars, the pain will be great enough for them to be assured that it will happen.

Second, where do these high paying clients hang out in your demographic for your business or where do you hang out?

I find that a lot of business owners are hanging out in a different place when they should be hanging out where their potential high paying clients are.

If you’re hanging out in groups where people have very low income, who are not in a lot of pain then they won’t pay for your services.

Make sure that if you’re online or offline, you’re hanging out with the people who have the finances and the resources to engage you as a high-paying coach, as a speaker or a supplier.

Third, share your content, share your knowledge, share your expertise.

People do not know how good you are unless you start sharing some of your knowledge and expertise with people.

I find that a lot of people say, “I didn’t know you did that. I didn’t realize you coached people in that area,” because that coach hadn’t shared out with the community on what they actually do.

People will want more of you as in one-on-one coaching or other services of yours.

If they’ve seen some of your stuff, if they’ve seen some things that you’ve shared out. They’ve got, “I really resonate with this. I want to know more about this. How can this person help me more?” Make sure you are sharing all the time.

Again, these are my three points:

Firstly, charge more so we don’t undervalue ourselves in this environment, particularly in the coaching world.

Secondly, where do you hang out? Where do your high paying clients hang out? Make sure it’s the same spot.

Thirdly, share your expertise, share your content, share your knowledge so they can learn more about you and want to know more from you.