In this day and age, it is very rare that you find someone who isn’t busy. Everyone seems to be busy. But I have this belief that despite how busy you are there will always be a time for everything. People tell me, “I don’t have time” and you know what? I don’t buy it. I know where they are coming from of course and I understand why they are saying this because I once said those lines to my friends whenever they invited me out for coffee. But I tell you, there is always time if you make time.

So let me ask you, how many times have you said no to your mum when she asks you to come over to her place for a quick lunch because you’re busy? How many times have you skipped on movie night with your partner because you had unfinished work to do? How many times did you refuse to go out on a salon weekend with your sisters because your house is in chaos?

It’s okay to say no when you are truly busy but if you are continually saying no to the most important people in your life then it means you have got a problem with time management. And this is what I want to talk about today, how to get more time in a very busy day, week, month or year.

I want you to reflect on your life, accept the fact that you are busy and open your mind to the possibility that there is actually a technique to get more time in your day so you can guiltlessly enjoy coffee with your friends, have an awesome and unhurried lunch with your mum and dad and spend some quality salon time with your sisters yet still be able to deliver all your work on time.

Here’s what you need to do.

First of all, you need to create a list. Quickly go over the job roles you have and I’m not just talking about work and business. What hats do you wear? You could be a daughter, a partner, a mum, a friend, a cousin, an aunt, an uncle or a son. Having a list brings you to the realisation of how busy you actually are and with that what you need to do next is to chunk them all down.

 When you chunk that time down you are putting all of those things together thereby condensing the time you spend on these things. Take for instance, spending time with family. Spending time does not mean you should visit them door-to-door. A quick phone call to your family asking them how they’re doing is enough to make them feel that they matter. But don’t call them whenever you have an extra five minutes. Call them at a specific time of day and call them in sequence, that way you won’t miss anyone and you get to call everyone before you go on and do other things.

Lastly, learn to set appointments in your ideal week. Set appointments as you would with your business partners and clients. Regardless of how busy you are, make sure you pencil in a time for your parents, a time for your partner, a time for family, a time for friends etc. If today you’ve allocated lunch with your partner, when someone calls you to talk about a business matter, put the phone down or tell them you’ll ring them later because you have another appointment.

Relationships with family and friends are just as important as work. And if you’re feeling guilty that you haven’t spent as much time as you should with these people then it’s time you re-evaluate your time management skills. These three tips can surely help you in this area.