Experience shapes and defines you both as a person and as a professional. But do you know that experience doesn’t equate to just thinking about what you are going to do? It’s actually the doing that makes the experience. Anyone who is exposed to business people quite a lot know that most if not all of them are visionaries. They have goals and dreams that they wish to achieve.

These goals and visions are what drives them to work day in and day out. But as I said, a vision remains a vision and a goal will always be a goal if you don’t take action. If you think you lack the experience then I want to ask you something, what has been holding you back?

I discovered that there are 3 things that stop you from progressing in your business and I will share them with you today.

Number 1: Let Go Of Fear

Yes, the business industry can be an avenue that breeds fear because of potential risks and losses but if you allow this fear to consume you what happens is you don’t take action because fear has the power to paralyse you. So I want you to let go of fear. A person who is always fearful isn’t keen on trying new things, he doesn’t embrace new strategies and he never entertains changes even though these are for the benefit of his business. Instead, he holds on to what he is used to. Now the thing about business is that with time, it evolves. If you don’t evolve as a business person because of fear then you will never catapult your business and make it successful. If you want success so badly, I suggest you start letting go of your fear.

Number 2: Start Small

I’ll tell you a secret, anyone can be ambitious and being ambitious is a good thing. But if you want success you should learn to be humble and start small. If you have a new product try sending it out to a few people and ask for their feedback. Collect all possible testimonials you can and release it to social media sites. You don’t have to produce a product and send it out to hundreds of people. Let word-of-mouth do that by starting small.

Number 3: Be Consistent

Consistency is the key. In business, you should be consistently changing, researching, developing and learning. If you are consistent in your life apply it to your business and you will experience success. Don’t be comfortable with where you are now. My advice is that you always strive to be better than you were yesterday and the day before. You have to be consistent in your change and development.

So again, thinking about doing things without actually doing them does not give you experience and it won’t give you success. Start thinking and make sure that you are doing something about it.