If you’re a coach, you’ve got coaching clients. A lot in the coaching world are charging such a small amount for their expertise, their knowledge, their capabilities, their support and that really makes me sad.

There are a couple of tips that will get you more money.


If you haven’t got your own self-belief, go work on that. Release some negative emotions or limiting beliefs. Believe that you are knowledgeable; believe that you have the expertise; believe that you can change people’s lives.


When you’re saying your price to your prospective client, say it with confidence; say it in what we call a command tonality. You go into tonalities and how you ask for the price in a command but not dominant way. There’s a real technique about asking for the price.


People going, “I’m usually 5,000, but I’ll do it for 1,500 for you.” You can discount without discounting. Always add value. It’s very important to know what your offer is; how much it is, and what value your clients are getting. A lot of people go, “What’s included in that? How many sessions do I get?”

I will share with you my business model on how I run my business; how my SMJ Master Coaches run their businesses and how that enables you to earn more money.

I share with you how you structure up your coaching package. I’ve had clients coming away from my event, charge the same clients four times the amount. They didn’t go and find new clients, they just increased their income four times and I share that with all of my attendees at my Grow Your Coaching Biz Workshop.

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I will share with you all the ways that you can earn more money and you can go away like these girls did at my event and earn four times the amount that you’re earning now.

I’ve had many stories and testimonials of people who have increased their income tenfold threefold four five five-fold by coming along to my event. If you want to earn more money, come along and I’ll share everything with you.