In this article, I will share with you the most important thing to do in your business.

I want to identify with you the one thing in your business that will bring you the most impact, the thing that will get you income, and get you new clients the easiest in the shortest possible time.

What I see with my one-on-one coaching clients when they first come and engage me as their coach or come along to my events is that they’re spending a lot of time on things that are very difficult to attract clients or you have very little ratio of people saying yes.

I see business owners spending 18 months and more on a website, thinking that the color and the font is going to make a massive impact in their business but in fact we know the best way to get clients into our business, well, the easiest way, one of the easiest ways is by REFERRAL.

If you’re getting a REFERRAL to someone, the likelihood of them going and looking at your website is very low.

What I do with my coaching clients and people who come to my events is work with them to identify the one area in the business where you can easily attract clients. I’m referring to attracting high-paying clients into your business. Most of the timel, it’s talking to people, getting referrals, working with strategic alliances, hanging out where your ideal clients hang out, not building a website.

I’m not saying a website’s not an important part of the business but it’s not the easiest way to get a massive influx into your business in the next 30 days.

Again the one thing that is most important in your business is to identify the one thing in your business that brings you the most impact.