Many of you might wonder what happened to me when I first started out in business. I get asked a lot of questions about my humble beginnings and I always enjoy sharing it with people because one, they almost always assume that my journey towards building the businesses I have today was a walk in the park and two, many people don’t really know me and I believe that if I share my story and the very fact that they can relate to it on so many levels, they too will find inspiration to build their own.

Just like everyone else, I also had my fair share of struggles. When I started my real estate agency, no one in town knew who I was and I didn’t have loads of money with me. The same happened with HydroKleen. John and I worked to build an international franchise company but when we first started we had no name, no logo and the equipment we were using was sub-standard. Today, I’ll share two facts about how I went through it all.

Firstly, I didn’t have a large database. When I started my businesses, it didn’t come with a large network of people or strategic alliances. I built it. When I started my real estate business, I invaded a town where no one knew me but despite this, I took a risk. The same happened with HydroKleen. In HydroKleen, John and I came to the Gold Coast where we knew no one except for John’s sister and brother-in-law. In order to grow our database, we had to go out into the community and really build strong relationships to help build our business.

Secondly, I didn’t have a load of cash. Everyone thinks that when you start building a business, you need to have a load of cash with you. This is definitely not true. I have never started a business with a load of cash because it is my belief that starting with nothing will give you the motivation to build those companies. You see dumping a load of money in a business makes it easy for anyone to spend willy-nilly. I like to work and build my cash flow and I don’t want to rely on the thought that I have hard cash waiting for me.

Business owners who are just starting their business commonly experience these two obstacles. Many of them do not realise that these struggles are part of the package; they just have to be resourceful and dedicated to making it work. I am a living proof that it will work out in the end as long as you put your heart into it. I have jumped from industry to industry and have done it seamlessly because I didn’t allow hurdles to overwhelm me.

I want to conclude this by saying in business, it’s never a smooth ride but you can get through it by being consistent and persistent and to always keep your eyes on the goal.

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