Do you really want to know why people aren’t coming to your events? It doesn’t matter if you’re holding a workshop for an audience of five or a larger speaking engagement with ten thousand people attending. Nobody’s going to give you the time of his or her day unless you take note of the top three reasons why people don’t show up at any of your engagements.

Firstly, they don’t know you. You wouldn’t really be interested in spending your precious time with a person you haven’t heard of, would you? Get in the right headspace and put yourself out there! For example, when people scroll down on your Facebook page or your LinkedIn profile, they have to see you as someone they’d want to be friends with. Keep in mind that unless they feel some sort of connection with you, they won’t be coming along your events. The bottom line is, your online presence must clearly represent how interesting you are, how relevant your message is, and how excited you are about what you’re doing.

Secondly, your message is not consistent. If people looked you up on social media and all they can get to see is your endless ranting or your constant whining instead of the main message that you’re trying to send out to them, you can be sure that they won’t waste another minute to hang out with you. On the flipside, who wouldn’t want you to be their new best friend if your presence is bursting with positive energy and your message is consistently communicated in a manner that captures their attention?

Thirdly, there’s no value in coming along to your event. To tell you the truth, people will go out of their way to see you for a three-day event even if it means taking three days out of their business, being away from family, spending some money to get some flights and accommodation, etc., if and only if, they’re fully convinced that what they’re going to receive from you is worth it.

In a nutshell, it’s best if you remember these top three reasons why people aren’t coming to your events – and avoid doing them. Don’t forget that they need to know you, so make sure that your online presence clearly shows who you are and what you’re all about. Next, stay true to your message and be consistent with what you’re saying to them. Lastly, offer a lot of value to your audience to make them want to put in the effort, the time, the money, and the energy to go to your events.

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