How do you get prospective clients to say yes to you easily and effortlessly? There are three simple steps to a yes.

You Must Be Certain About Your Product or Service.

You must have a hundred percent certainty that this person standing in front of you buying your product or service, will change their life. If you’re not certain, change up your product or service, get more training, get more learning, and engage a coach to help you package up your product or service.  You must be certain that you can change their life.

Have Ongoing Support.

A lot of coaches selling a great process or service, and they may call it a program, but there’s no ongoing support. A lot of times coaches sell a program and as a client, you receive it, you open it up, and really don’t know what to do with it. It’s too overwhelming for you. Make sure that with your program, you have ongoing support for your prospective client.

Give Them Loads of Knowledge and Care.

A lot of times coaches give them lots of knowledge. They are so knowledgeable, “I can do this, and I can do that.” But they forget about the care. Amazing coaches ask great questions to understand what their needs are. Make sure that you have that really nice balance of knowledge and care for your prospective clients.

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