No matter how long you’ve been in the coaching industry, there is always room for improvement. You see, one of the most important qualities of a coach is the genuine desire to help the person you are coaching. This is reason enough for coaches to strive to improve their skills so they can inspire and motivate more people to live better lives and run better businesses.


How then can you improve your coaching skills?


Firstly, offer non-verbal support. For effective coaching to take place, you need to develop an atmosphere of trust. In order to build trust, start by being mindful of your body language. During your conversation, sit up straight. Your shoulders should be relaxed and parallel to your client. This makes you appear more friendly and warm. When conversing, create eye contact. This will show your client that you are interested and it will encourage them to be more interactive. Furthermore, make sure that your facial expression is in sync with your message.


Secondly, be an active listener. This is a crucial factor that will make your coaching effective. Active listening means you go beyond just merely hearing words from your client. You should dig deep and read between the lines. Understand what they are trying to say, feel their emotions and learn their intentions. The only barrier to active listening is a short attention span. If you are easily distracted, you need to work on that. Focus and don’t allow your mind to get sidetracked.


Thirdly, convey understanding. When you convey understanding, you are showing your client that you are invested in him or her. You can do this by asking for clarifications or by offering feedback.


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