A speech can either be really interesting or really boring. You have to understand that in order to capture the attention of your audience, you have to craft a captivating speech and present it in a way that’s compelling and powerful. Otherwise, your audience won’t be able to remember you or worse, remember your message. To avoid that, here are three ways to ensure your audience will listen to every word that comes out of your mouth.

  1. Stick With The Basics – Make It Clear

The structure of your speech doesn’t have to be complicated. The key to giving a great speech is to have a clear and captivating introduction, body, and conclusion. It helps to remember that the beginning of your speech can either make or break your entire presentation. Also, your audience will subconsciously decide whether you are worth listening to within the first few sentences.

Shortly after your catchy introduction, tell your audience the gist of what you’re talking about and how they benefit from it. After doing so, proceed to expound your message by providing stories and facts that support your claim. As you end your speech, conclude it by wrapping up the points together and connecting it to the main topic.

  1. Get to Know Your Audience

You probably heard this countless of times but it really helps to get to know your audience. Knowing your audience is the key to crafting a powerful speech. To get to know them, you have to take into consideration the reason why they’re there; what they expect from you; and what they already know. Take advantage of this information and create a message that’s fit for your audience.

  1. Communicate Creatively

Communicating with your audience creatively throughout your presentation greatly helps in retaining their interest. There are different techniques in doing so, you can ask rhetorical questions that peak their interest; vary your sentence structure; using words that paint a picture in their heads; telling them a story that helps them understand your speech better.

There are different ways of crafting a great speech, but keeping these three tips in mind will help you to deliver a powerful speech.

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