If there is one thing that annoys me the most it has got to be hearing people say they work best under pressure. Do you know why it gets under my goat? It bothers why these people don’t work at their best all of the time. Why do they need to feel pressured before they can perform at their best?

People do not see the logic why working under pressure is not healthy for you. What do you think could possibly happen if you make a habit of working under pressure?

  • For one, there’s a very big possibility that you’ll forget a lot of things.
  • Next, you might fail to include some vital information that should have been there if you had enough time to prepare for it.
  • Your research will be limited.

Indeed, there are unexpected circumstances that make us feel pressured like nearing deadlines but I always think that this pressure wouldn’t be there in the first place if you did your tasks in advance. Like in my case, whenever a deadline is up I make sure that the tasks I need are scheduled way ahead of time so that when the deadline is near all I need to do is to review everything, make sure that it’s flawless.

Here’s an analogy to better understand the logic behind this. Try to think about running. When you don’t give it your all like if you only run 80% of your capacity then obviously it would take you a much longer time to get to the finish line. But, if you are going to run at your 100% capacity then you’ll get there much sooner.

The same goes in your business. If you give 100% of what you’ve got in your tasks then you will be able to achieve your business goals faster and you get to enjoy your success much sooner. Instead of working all day you can set aside some time for relaxation since you’ve got everything covered. You get more time to enjoy the company of family and friends and basically just doing all the things you love because you did your job well.

So my advice is for you to not work under pressure. Work at your best all of the time because working under pressure will not help you in the long run. Do your best all day, everyday because who else will reap the benefits but you? If you find yourself slacking take some time off and unwind a little and then when you’re feeling motivated and ready that’s the time you go back and give it your 100% shot.