We are distinctly different, you and I. Others are different from us, too.

Each one of us thinks, acts, and reacts differently to or in the same situation or stimuli. These characteristics or traits mold each of us into the individuals that we are. These are the things that make up our unique personalities.

“You have to get along with people, but you also have to recognize that the strength of a team is different for people with different perspectives and different personalities.”
— Steve Case, American entrepreneur and investor

Gaining insights into different personality types will help you to truly understand people around you, be it in your business or life. Knowing who they are will you give you an edge in effectively dealing with their needs, help them reach their full potential, as well as build lasting relationships with them.

It may sound like a tall order. Yet, there is a simple key to really connect with people.

Knowing personality profiling is a powerful tool that determines an individual’s personality type based on these criteria: Directing, Influence, Steadiness, and Coutious. It is a model that objectively describes personality types and how each personality type typically behaves in “common settings of everyday life”.

Here are the Personality Types…

• The Directing individuals
People with high-Ds are “outgoing, task-oriented individuals”. They need to achieve and maintain control over others and the environment where they live or work. They are focused on success and are very effective in accomplishing tasks and getting things done. They are focused on getting tangible results and getting on the bottom line of things.

• The Influence individuals
People with the high-I trait are “outgoing, people-oriented individuals”. They are warm, open, and sociable. They are very trusting and they want to be a part of a team or the collective group.

• The Steady individuals
High-S individuals are “reserved, people-oriented individuals”. They are patient, undemanding, sympathetic, and loyal to those around them. They are very focused on working steadily until a task is completed. They work best when they are given instructions and support. They take the role of peacemakers in conflicts or confrontations.

• The Cautious individuals
High-C individuals are “reserved, task-oriented individuals”. They are cautious, precise, detail-oriented, and sticklers for rules or structure. They are focused on achieving goals and objectives. They would rather work with planning and structure than take a proactive approach.

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