You know you have something good to offer, you’ve trained for it, you’ve studied it and you’ve invested a great deal of time and money to get you that accreditation and now that you are ready, the only problem is you’re not so sure how you can effectively showcase your expertise to potentially high paying clients. Note that I am putting emphasis on high paying. You see, just because you are a coach doesn’t mean you are for everyone. Not everyone is good for your business. Some clients only hurt your business by not paying you enough and that’s not the kind of clients you need to grow your coaching business.

There are specific strategies that are designed to get you the right people for your business particularly the clients who are going to pay you good money in exchange for your service. If you have been having trouble getting higher paying clients for your coaching business, I can help you.

Here are three tips to get you high paying clients in your coaching business.

Firstly, consider social media advertising. There are a lot of misconceptions around social media ads questioning its success in attracting clients. When you are in business, social media advertising can be a huge help considering the fact that billions of people are active in social media today. However, it is important to use it right because if you are advertising to the wrong people using the wrong platform, you are only wasting your time and money because no matter how many times you bombard them with content, they aren’t going to be interested. So set up a strategy around your social media adverts in that way you can position yourself in the right platform using the right tools to reach high paying clients. If you don’t know how to do this, find someone who does.

Secondly, take advantage of video. Use video to offer a free gift to them. Creating a video introducing yourself and what you can do for them will give potential coaching clients the opportunity to get to know you and get the feel of your values. It also helps them decide if they like you or if you are a good fit for them. Offer them something that’s for free whether it’s a video series or an E-book just so they can experience the perks of doing business with you.

Thirdly, give great content. When you are advertising your coaching business you have to give your very best because that’s what your customers are expecting from you. Make sure that you are giving them the best content you’ve got. Share everything you know. What I notice about speakers and coaches is they are apprehensive to share what they know thinking that coaching clients wouldn’t sign up anymore and they would just go and do it themselves. Don’t worry about giving too much because there will always be other people who will need your help to change their lives and their businesses and you will be that person who can do that for them. Give out great content and make sure you are sharing it out with your target audience.

High paying clients are not hard to find. You just have to know how to reach them so they can hear your story and know who you are and how you can help them.

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