Do you want more high-paying clients? Yes, we don’t necessarily need more clients. What we need are more high paying clients. If you said yes to this question, here are the tips on how you go about doing that.

Firstly, put your prices up if you want them to pay more money.

Put your prices up. People say to me, “People won’t pay that amount of money.”  There are all these limiting beliefs swirling around there. But you need to put your prices up, so it shows value in what you do.

Secondly, be confident. 

Be confident about your price. Be confident about your product. Be confident about your service. Be confident about your program. When you stand there and say to a potential client, “It’s $5,000 a month and this is my program.”

Give some information. You need to be confident about that. You don’t want to be hiding the price away or not disclosing it. You need to be confident to say it upfront and be really comfortable with that.

Thirdly, talk to the right audience.

If you’re in a room talking about giving up smoking, and there are only nonsmokers in the room, then it doesn’t matter how much you’re charging or what your program looks like; they won’t buy from you. Make sure you are talking to the people who can afford you, who are interested in your product or service, and who have the pain or the challenge that you’re offering to solve.

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