A first-time client will probably get a great experience from a business. Then on the second time, the experience is okay. But on the third or fourth time, the client’s experience may be terrible.

This is the common mistake that most businesses make. Don’t make that same mistake.

New clients must have an amazing experience from day one, on day 229, on day 1574, and so forth. You should set the standard for clients’ experience. Doing so will assure your clients that they will get the same amazing experience as day one every time they engage your service. When your clients see that you’re consistently giving a great experience every time they come to you, they’ll soon put their trust and confidence in you and your business. When you have great relationships with them, they will likely keep coming back to engage your service.

“This is great advice,” you might say. “But how do I get new clients in the first place,” you might wonder.

That’s a good question! Like most entrepreneurs, getting and attracting new clients to your business is at the forefront of your mind.

In this digital era, content on the digital media is the new advertising. So, having a strong online presence is the way to go to stimulate and capture the interest of new or potentially new clients. You can regularly blog interesting content, inspire with your emails, or post video testimonials.

Video testimonials are very powerful medium to attract new clients. People not only want to know about your business, they would want to hear from your clients as well. The most effective way to do this is to post video testimonials on your website, in your presentations, on YouTube, or anywhere you can think of.

While you’re spending hours and hours in getting and attracting new clients, don’t forget to look after your current clients.

Your current clients are the people who know you, like you, and trust you. They’re the ones who can vouch for you and the effectiveness of your service. Getting great reviews and testimonials from them will cement your reputation.

They can refer you to others, too. Once others see or hear that you’re the right go-to person to help them, more clients will soon come knocking to engage your service.

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