Most of us are determined to achieve success no matter what it takes, the earlier the better. We go to school, we take risks, we make investments all of which are aimed for us to become successful. I am aware that success is subjective and we have different definitions on what success might be but I’m not going to discuss definitions today, I’m going to share with you two things that make you successful.

The first thing that I’m sure you have probably already done is learning new things. Nothing is more empowering than learning. I put emphasis on this every chance I get and I make sure to mention it during my presentations or even in my Biz Blitz videos because I know that success can be achieved through continuous learning. I am proud to say that I have influenced my followers and likers because they’ve all become seminar-conference junkies.

If you want to accomplish great and amazing things in life you have to make a habit out of learning new things. It doesn’t matter what university you graduated from or how smart you are in some areas, there’s always room to learn more. If you think you’ve already learned enough then it’s safe to say you’ve reached a point of stagnation and unfortunately, this will not bring you success. But learning is not enough, which brings me to my second point.

The second key ingredient that will make you successful is if you go and do them! While it helps to learn and remember them, it won’t bring you success unless you apply them in your life and in your business. I’ve seen a lot of people go to conferences and seminars and even see them take down notes but sadly they don’t implement what they’ve learned. It’s all in their heads. Sure, they’re smart and they know things but knowing and doing have to go hand-in-hand; they have to work together in order to create results. We come up with so many excuses why we’re not doing what we’re supposed to do and then we complain why we’re not successful. Ironic, isn’t it?

Think about it, success really only boils down to these two. Successful people go and learn. They invest in workshops, conferences and seminars even if it means shelling out cash for a plane ride and registration because they know it will be worth it but learning and coming home doing nothing about it is a different story. Successful people go home and do step number two and that’s what’s so amazing about them. They go back to their business and they implement what they have been taught.

These are the two things that made me successful and hopefully if you apply them in your life and in your business, you’ll experience success in your own way too.

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