If you’re sitting there and you’re ho-hum and you’re not really sure, you can really easily build excitement in your life and in your business with a few easy steps.

Get Clarity

Get clear on what you want to do, what you want to achieve, what you’re passionate about, what you’d like your life to look like and start jotting that down. Once you start writing it down and thinking about what you really want. Instead of what you don’t want, get clarity on what you do want by writing down what you do want absolutely starts to build that excitement.  

Hang Around With the Right People

Be around positive people who are forward thinking; who have clarity in their life; who look on the bright side all of the time; have fun; have some laughter, and always see the good in people.

If you’re hanging around negative people, then it’s hard for you to get excited if they’re in a boohoo state all the time, where they are bringing you down and telling you, “You won’t achieve, and you can’t do it in this environment.”

You need to move over to hanging out with some positive people and when you do, you will think, “I’m going to bring my A game,” “I’m going to change it up.” “I’m going to do more.” and “I’m going to do better.” It really takes you to the next level.


Nothing drives excitement more than change. If it is a positive change where you’re moving forward, you may be changing from a job to a business or changing roles or changing your vision or purpose or focus within your business after looking at your clarity.

Change and Be Adaptable   

Allow the change to come because if you’re changing, you’re moving forward; you’re building momentum, and that’s always exciting.

If you’re in a bit of a lull, you need to cover one, get clarity. What do you really want? Two, check in with who you hang around with, and three, change things up and build that excitement around change.

Do those three things and you will see an instant change in your excitement levels.

I have SMJ Coaching Institute, my massive belief is that, if you are in business, you need a coach. Make sure that you do engage a coach very early on in your business.

It’s never too late.