As a coach, we coach people a lot who GET STUCK. Even if you’re not a coach, you just might have a client that is really not moving forward with strategies that you want them to implement, or your ideas, or not moving forward in your program.

What do you do about that, when you’ve got a client who’s just not moving forward or, it seems like they’re just stuck there? FIRSTLY, I want you to have a look at what the presenting problem for them. People come to me a lot, presenting a problem, and that’s not the problem. People come to me for a marketing plan, and say, “Sharon, can you help us with a marketing plan?” It’s never the marketing plan! You’ve got to really delve deeper, have more conversation with your client at a deeper level to find the root cause what’s really going on. Some people that come to me with the presenting problem of a marketing plan.

A lot of times it’s a relationship problem, if it’s a husband and wife in a business. It might be their own self-beliefs, their own values levels, and their own management style. There can be a lot of things underlying the presenting problem. It doesn’t matter how good a marketing plan we can design together, it’s not the marketing plan.

If you’re banging on with a client about a marketing plan, dig deeper and find out what’s really going on for them. You can have the best marketing plan, but it is not going to work for them if that is only the presenting problem. Sure, you can get the logistics afterwards, but delve deeper into what’s going on for them. SECOND, identify, is it conscious or unconscious? Because consciously they’re going, “I need this, I need to grow my business.” But at an unconscious level they have different values levels. It can be conscious and unconscious having this conflict around what’s going on for them.

The THIRD thing is, you’ve got to reframe that, get them thinking about things a bit differently. The thoughts or the beliefs that they have may not be serving them well right now, so then, work with them to change their behaviour. I work with my clients all the time to help them get from stuck to moving forward. If you feel like you’re stuck and not moving forward, or your clients are stuck and not moving forward, I CAN HELP YOU with that and give you CLEAR STRATEGIES, most of the time at an unconscious level.

But we can do conscious logistical stuff as well. But most of the time, it’s about delving deeper into what’s going on for you or your client. A lot of people come to me and say, “I’m attracting the same client all of the time with the same challenges.” Then I look at you, what’s going on within you and why you are attracting that.

If you are stuck or your client’s stuck and you’re not moving forward, REACH OUT TO ME, we can have a chat, and we can talk about the strategies you need for you and your client to build that momentum, that fast paced momentum about MOVING FORWARD, getting them more clients, getting them to earn more money, getting them to help more people, whatever it is, the outcome that we’re after, we can easily move that forward at an unconscious level for them.