Do you know that there is power in consistency? One thing I’ve learned in my years in business is that consistency will give you success. Even if you have the most brilliant business plan in mind, if you fail to commit yourself to being consistent, it will all be for nothing.

In my experience, when I say I’m going to do something, I make sure I do it. If I spearhead a project, I make it a point to follow through no matter what. I can make a few adjustments here and there but I make good on a promise. Successful business owners did not make it to the top without their dedication to consistency and so today I want to ask you a question, what does ‘being consistent’ look like to you? I want to share three things around being consistent and the positive impact this has on your business.

Firstly, I want you to stop worrying. Stop worrying about what your competitors are doing. For example, in social media, if you know someone who posts ten times a day it doesn’t mean you have to do the same. You need to stop focusing on what they are doing with their social media profiles and instead shift your attention in your own business. Consistency in social media is essential to create an audience base and so I want you to focus on that. If you’ve started posting two images a day, continue to do that. Don’t be affected by what other people are doing because you’re not them and you have your own unique strategy.

Secondly, choose what’s achievable for you, such as in my example above, if you can’t commit to posting ten images a day, don’t do it. You don’t have to do what other people are doing. If posting an image twice a day is what’s achievable for you then stick with that. In my business, I share a Biz Blitz video once a week and they come out every Wednesday morning and that is my consistency. There are people who suggest that I do more like two to three times a week but I refuse to do so because that is not what I choose for myself. With my busy schedule, a once a week Biz Blitz video is what’s achievable for me.

Lastly, let your audience know what you’re doing. As I mentioned, my Biz Blitz video goes out every Wednesday. This particular strategy allows me to grow my audience base because they will look out for it every Wednesday morning. Sometimes there are glitches in the system and if a video doesn’t get released on time because of technical problems I get flooded with emails asking where my video is or if they missed it or they want to know what’s happening and why they didn’t get the video. This scenario shows the importance of delivering on your promise because once you make a promise to your audience; make sure you turn up for them. And if there are glitches, send them an email or announce a technical problem so they are informed.

These three things will help you understand and see what being consistent is like when you’re doing business.

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