We are fully aware that nobody is perfect but in this perfectly imperfect world, we have this crazy notion that we can be perfect and because we believe this to be true we strive to be the perfect versions of ourselves.

Now the thing about being perfect is that when you set your mind into it, when you program yourself to think that today is going to be perfect, I am not going to mess up, the truth of the matter is, you are actually setting yourself up for failure simply because aspiring perfection is not realistic.

Sure, you can envision a perfect world but do know that a vision does not necessarily mean it’s your reality. In most cases, stuff ups happen and that’s what I want to talk to you about today. I want you to realise three very important things about stuffing up.

Firstly, stuff ups happen all of the time. Secondly, I want you to think about how you will react when you stuff up and thirdly, what do you internally say to yourself when you stuff up?

#1 No matter what job title you hold or what company you work for, stuff ups happen all of the time and no one is excused from it. It is important that you acknowledge this as truth because otherwise you’ll feel frustrated and disappointed with yourself once you do stuff up and there’s a very big chance that you’ll fee bad about yourself and that you’ll feel discouraged. But when you realise that stuff ups happen all the time and it could happen to anyone, then you’re okay. You’ll brush yourself up when you fall and carry on knowing that there’s always a new day to turn things around.

#2 Let’s assume you’ve stuffed up; I want to know how you react to it. How do you usually react when you stuff up? More often than not we create unnecessary drama through our reactions compared to the actual stuff up. I’ve stuffed up a lot. I sent emails to the wrong database. I posted on my social media accounts without rechecking the grammar, I did all of those things and I consider those stuff ups but I let it slide because I don’t want to ruin a potentially good day over something that wouldn’t matter in five to ten years time.

#3 When you stuff up, what do you internally say to yourself? There are two conflicting voices in our heads when we stuff up but it is up to you what voice you’ll listen to. There’s the discouraging one that tells you you’re never good enough. You’re going to fail just like everyone else. Then there’s this voice that encourages you to press on, a voice that makes you realise that stuff up happens and you can get over it somehow. The voice you listen to will dictate your output but that decision is up to you. I encourage you to listen to the voice that says you’re going to be okay because if you wallow in regret and what if’s you will never get anything done.

So those are the three things that I want to share with you about stuff ups.

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