You may have asked that question of yourself, “I’m doing everything I should be doing”. “I’m working you know really hard in my business” but “What’s wrong with me? I’m not at the outcome that I want to be at”.

If you’ve asked yourself that question what is wrong with me, I’m here to give you a little bit of advice and some tips around this question. It’s not a great question to ask yourself. It doesn’t serve you well, because it’s a negative question.

Nothing Is Wrong With You.

You are perfectly you, and I know that sounds a little bit cliché, but I really, really want you to understand that there’s never anything wrong with you. Accept that. Be you. Be your authentic self. Know that people will like, know, and trust you and love you the way you are. Don’t try and be somebody else.

Utilize the Resources That You Have and Become More Resourceful.

Ask yourself, “Who do I need around me to help me through this?” Is it a coach or a new coach or a different perspective in your business? What logistics do I need to implement in my business? Who do I need to be working with? Who do I need to be hanging out with?

You may be hanging out with negative people, so be very resourceful and bring all of that positivity into your life. Have positive people around you. Have people who are forward thinking who can see opportunities and really work with those people, and I say when you are engaging a coach, you pay as much as you can possibly afford because it will come round to you tenfold what you learn from that coach.

Check In on Your Beliefs.

Make sure that your beliefs are positive. If you’re telling yourself that you’re not good enough; you’re not worthy, you’ll never make it. All of those negative emotions will not help you get to where you are needing to go. They don’t serve you well. I want you to change up your beliefs that you are living in abundance; that you are worthy of everything that’s coming to you; you are good enough; you will be successful whatever that is for you.

It’s Time to Change and Move Forward

Change up your beliefs, and then that will change up what you’re attracting to yourself in your life. When you think this question again, “What is wrong with me?” take note of this:

✓ There’s nothing wrong with you

✓ How can you be resourceful?

What resources do you need to get you through this challenge and then,

✓ Think about what beliefs are in that moment and change them to a positive.

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