It’s really important in your business to know if a client comes into your business, how much will they spend? This is not about a single product. They may buy a single product or service, but what else will they buy or what else they will spend with you? It’s really important to know the client value when they come in at what will they spend. Will they buy one, two, three, four, five products with you and what’s the average of that client for you. It’s really important to know that.

  1. Think about what does the average initial spend of your client coming in. Get the initial spend, is it they come to a 97 dollar webinar or a $297 conference? What is it that they initially spend? Usually at the low level so you get that average and then look at the ongoing spend. Have a look at the client spend, work out the client ladder, find their initial spend.
  2. Think about their ongoing spend.

Do they then buy a three-day workshop with you or a one-on-one coaching with you or do they come into a group program where it’s a monthly spend? Work out what people are doing in your client ladder.

  1. Think about the referrals they are sending to you.

Do they give you referrals? Because that is money coming in from your clients so calculate that out. It’s really important to know what your clients are bringing into your business as well. What referrals are they sending to you.

When you get a clear picture of this, it opens up to your marketing, your communication, how many clients you need to get which leads into your goals and your KPI’s within your business.

It’s very valuable information to calculate in your business so you can make some really good, informed choices.