A lot of people talk about manifesting and attracting success but nothing’s coming. Here are the reasons why you stop manifesting success.

Firstly, you do not have a clear definition of what success means to you.

Make sure you have this in great detail what does success mean for you.

This way, you can attract it or manifest it.

Secondly, don’t send out mixed messages to the universe.

Sometimes, we say,I want this,” and then the next minute, “I want that,” and then the next minute, “I want something else.”  It causes confusion.

When you’re wanting to attract or manifest something, make sure you get your message right to the universe and make sure you stay laser-focused on what you want to manifest.

Thirdly, you don’t take action.

You’ll be given opportunities by the universe; they’ll be presented in front of you. However, you don’t follow up, make the call, or engage in chat to somebody that you need to chat with.

There are all these opportunities coming to you all the time, yet you’re just pushing them aside and not doing anything about it.

Thirdly, take actions on those opportunities that do present to you.

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