Do you know what you are doing right now is going to affect you in three months time? Let me tell you this, you cannot control what has happened in the past. So don’t beat yourself up over a mistake you did a couple of months or years back because no matter what you do, nothing is ever going to change the fact that you stuffed up. All you can do now is move on but look on the bright side, you can still control what you are doing right now knowing that what you do today will impact your life later on.

Each one of us is given a choice and every day is a new opportunity to improve yourself or your business. You can either laze around and spend all day scrolling through your social media feed or you can start designing Facebook and Instagram ads to build your business. The choice is entirely up to you because you have full control over what happens to you today.

To avoid mistakes you’ll soon regret I usually tell my coaching clients to design ideal weeks because if you have an ideal week you can refer to, you will know exactly what you should be doing right now. If you don’t know what an ideal week is, just let me know and I can help you with it. I realised that if you set aside some time to come up with your own version of an ideal week you’ll feel much better about yourself because you’ll be productive and there will be no idle time.

People often say you can’t control the future. In my opinion, you can, by being in the moment right now and making a decision. Every day you are making thousands of decisions; left or right, coffee or meeting. The decisions you’ll be making will affect your future outcome so you have to be smart about it so you won’t be doing things you will soon regret.

That’s my message for today. Don’t think much about your past instead learn from it. The past is there for a reason but it doesn’t mean it will dictate what your future holds. Control what is here in the moment so you can create a positive future for yourself and for your business.

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