What is your reality right now? Is it a struggle? Are you angry? Are you positive? Are you looking forward to the future? Reality is your perception, so whatever you perceive to be your reality is in fact, real, but what affects your reality?

  1. Environment

One of the things that affect your reality is your environment. Who are you hanging around with? Who are you working with? Are you hanging out with negative people who are dragging you down?

Are you holding yourself back in your successes because other people are having it a bit tougher, so you’re holding back on sharing those successes with others? Have you got negative people in your family at your workplace? What is it for you that may be affecting your reality?

  1. Beliefs

Your values and beliefs affect your reality as well. What do you truly believe about the environment we live in the moment? Are you negative towards the environment, or are you positive towards it? Your belief around governments, clients, team members, your successes.

If you believe that you are not worthy, then your reality is that you’re not worthy. If you change your belief that you live in abundance and clients and money flow easily to you, then that will be your reality.

  1. Behavior

When you’re living in an environment of negativity, and you have negative beliefs, then your behavior will show that. It will be in keeping with that. You will walk around with your shoulders hunched. You’ll be looking for all the negativity in the world. You will see it will be all around you.

But if you’re in an environment full of positivity, and your beliefs are that it’s a great world to live in right now, then your behavior will be your shoulders are back you’re looking for all of the positive things that are happening around in the world and that will flow through to you.

Change Your Perception

I want you to think about what your perception is of your reality right now. Change up your perception by looking at your environment, looking at your beliefs, and then acting on your behavior. 

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