There are some ideas around how do you set those goals because we get told about goals being smart goals. They should be this and they should be that; you do it like this and you do it like that. We get so many messages about goals. Should they be massive? Should they be smaller goals?

Important Things When You’re Setting a Goal

You Must Feel Passionate About It

You must have a desire to achieve that goal. If you’re going to set a goal to earn a million dollars, but money isn’t your drive, then don’t set the goal for a million dollars. You may want to earn some money, but set a goal around the clients that you see or the people that you help, or the events that you speak at, or the events that you run, and set your goals around those types of things that you are passionate about and allow the money to come.

They Must Be In Alignment With You 

Your gut or your intuition or your heart or whatever it is for you tells you it’s the right thing to be doing. When you think about it and visualize it, it just feels natural to you. We tend to talk about things that should or shouldn’t be done in a certain way. Set your goals that are best for you, that’s in alignment with you, not what people say you should or shouldn’t do.

Do what’s in alignment for you, what feels really good for you, and then when you set those goals that are truly in alignment, you will have a greater success rate in achieving those goals.

They Must Be Achievable for You

You must be able to believe that you can achieve them in the time frame that you set. If you set a goal that is not achievable and you believe that, then you’ll set yourself up for failure and you’ll get through another year and you’ll be going, “I’ll set my new goals for next year.” “That was a bad year.” Or blame the government’s COVID. Whoever or whatever you want to blame, and then keep resetting each year, but really you are having the same conversation each and every year.

Ready For A Big Change?

Make sure that you truly know within yourself that you can achieve those goals with some actions and some efforts around that.

I have SMJ Coaching Institute, my massive belief is that, if you are in business, you need a coach. Make sure that you do engage a coach very early on in your business.