People run the system, systems run the business. Everything we do has a system in place. People quite often ask, “What systems should I put in place in my business?”

It Must Be Relevant

If you want to implement systems into your business or want to upgrade the systems in your business, make sure they’re relevant – that they are time saving or productivity increasing.

The system must help you do things easier, better, and quicker. There is no sense in setting a system up that’s going to make you do things slower or it’s more intense or it’s harder. Make sure that the systems you are putting in place have a benefit of outcome.

Make Sure They’re up to Date

Make sure they’re up to date, so people can use them easily. That the systems are keeping up to date with the changes in your business – technology changes, our focus changes, our goal changes. You need to be making sure that the systems are kept up to date on a regular basis.

Check in – Are those systems still working? Because, what happens a lot of times is that, a system is put in place and then it becomes out of date, and then it’s not utilised because it’s not working. It’s a matter of keeping it up to date, so it keeps working for you and your business.

They Must Be Used

You must utilise these systems in the business to make sure that our each productivity is high and there is a lot if you’ve got larger teams – team must know what other team members are doing. If it’s a collaborative, it’s really important that if you’re collaborating in that way, everybody knows what’s going on in within the system.

Make sure that your teams and yourself are using them on a daily, monthly, weekly basis. Everybody that needs to be using the system is using it.

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